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What We Fund

The Objects of the Trust

The funds of the Trust may be awarded for the following purposes:

  1. To carry out, promote, foster and encourage any events, schemes or celebrations related to maintenance and dissemination of culture, music, literature and education of Polish origin or related to Poland either directly or indirectly.

  2. To lead, advance or gift money and negotiable loans of all kinds, whether secured or not to any person who is through either side of parents or grandparents or great grandparents of Polish extraction.

  3. To support by non-repayable grants any eligible student  towards fees or purchase of books as requested by any tertiary education institution in New Zealand, provided that lower levels of education may be considered at Trustees’ sole discretion.

  4. To do all such other things as may be incidental, conducive or necessary to the attainments of the objects of this Trust.

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